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Message from the President

In conducting business, the management need to distinguish between strategic issues and daily operations. In general, the management tend to focus on daily operations because they have many pressing matters to work on. As a result, the management sometimes fail to focus on middle-term or long-term strategic issues.However, in these days when economic situation is rapidly deteriorating, the management have to take responsibility for launching reforms and their implementation. Past success is valuable, but the companies need to adopt new ideas and ways to maintain their flexibility and to overcome this new age, when situations are rapidly changing.The management cannot rely on the past success any more. If the management become complacent and arrogant because of their successful experiences, their companies will fail to adjust to the change in their markets and decline in the long run.
Who predicted that Big Three would be on the verge of bankruptcy? Every company has its life expectancy. It is very difficult for the top companies to maintain their positions in another 20 years.Given the circumstances, the management have to put priority on considering what the middle and long term goal for their companies are, what their competitiveness their rivals never have is, and what their customers want. As an intellectual sparring partner , Kishi & Associates understand the role of the management and help them solve their issues through active discussions.

Nobuhisa Kishi

Concept: About Kishi & Associates

Kishi & Associates provides client companies with advisory services applying three fundamental principles: "integrity", "continuous challenge" and "persistence (to win)".
We are a strategic management consulting firm, that stands for and values implementation. The company does its utmost in solving problems of client companies. The bases for this truly understand the issues and responsibilities our clients face. As an intellectual sparring partner, Kishi & Associates makes great contributions to the success of clients companies by offering advisory services to solve the issues the client companies face.
It is our belief at Kishi & Associates that wisdom in the area of business become only meaningful when they are applied in reality. Our mission therefore is not to limit clients with academic management theories, but to help clients implement business wisdom and hence achieve benefits out of this implementation. In addition to the advisory services mentioned earlier, Kishi & Associates also communicate its philosophy regarding this glive-business wisdomh through hosting a management forum called gFirst Wednesday.h Here, experienced top managers in corporations who are active globally get together and through dialogue, learn from each other's management experiences. In addition, the management of Kishi & Associates provides publication including articles, which support the communication of our companyfs greal business wisdom.h These articles are based on analysis and series of interviews and dialogues with top management (CEOs and executive managers) in global corporations over long time. Members of Kishi & Associates, who have divers backgrounds and accumulate a rich foundation of gbusiness wisdomh in these activities, speedily find solutions to the issues of client companies by having discussions with the management.

Company Profile

Company Name:Kishi & Associates K.K.
Our Business:Management consultation: An intellectual sparring partner for the management
Founded:Aug. 1st, 2002
Chairman -----------------------------------Nobuo Momose President & Representative Director ------------Nobuhisa Kishi Global Executive Advisor ----------------------Dr. Peter Lorange Senior Advisor -------------------------------Teruo Masaki Director ------------------------------------Mari Schmitz-Wenzel Director ------------------------------------Frank Zeithammer
Address:106-0047 Minami Azabu 4-2-27 1F, Minatoku, Tokyo JAPAN

Member Profile

Nobuo Momose
Nobuo Momose, while being a co-founder/organizer of gFirst Wednesday,h has been Chairman of Kishi & Associate K.K. from 2003 after serving as Executive Vice President of Dentsu and Chairman of Beacon Communications. He has been always thinking about what would drive the healthy development of corporations and his consulting service stems from his years of experiences of implementing his answers on this question. As driving factors for growth, he places particular emphasis on things such as marketing activities that are necessary for the development of corporations, how companies should act in different cultures, and corporate management of Joint Venture corporations and management of companies after M&A. At Dentsu Inc., he was in charge of client services and Dentsu operations overseas. In addition, he brings with him more than 15 years of general management experience in Dentsu in Japan and overseas together with Joint Venture operations. He served as a board member, Chairman of Dentsu USA, Dentsu Europe, Executive Vice President of Dentsu and Chairman of Joint Venture companies including Beacon Communications.He graduated from Waseda University. After studying at the graduate school of Waseda University and the University of Oklahoma where he gained his Master's degree, Mr. Momose joined Dentsu. As part of Dentsu overseas study program, he studied management and marketing later at Harvard Business School in International Teachers' Program (ITP) as well as at IMD. He had been teaching marketing at Sophia University, Tokyo, as a part time professor for 27 years. (Some of his students are now professors). He has lectured as a special guest at such academic institutions as IMD, Harvard Business School and Goizueta Business School - Emory University as well as in various professional conferences. In addition to that, through publications he has contributed to the professional discussions and the most recent of which are his articles published by the Advertising Study Institute of Nikkei.

*President & Representative Director
Nobuhisa Kishi
Nobuhisa Kishi is a founder, President and Representative Director of Kishi & Associates k.k. while being a co-founder of the exclusive corporate salon gFirst Wednesday.h He is currently engaged in the area of management and corporate strategies of global corporations in particular in the area of strategic alliance and post merger integrations and daily marketing operations. In addition, since December 2003, he has been a regular contributor to the marketing magazine Senden Kaigi under the heading of gViews of Top Marketers active in Global Marketsh based on an analysis and interviews with top management of global corporations. These companies include Nestle, Dow Jones, SONY and Canon Marketing among others.During his internship at Dow Jones & Company Inc, Nobuhisa Kishi published over forty articles under his name in the Wall Street Journal, Barron's, and Dow Jones Newswires. He worked for Goldman Sachs in the investment banking division with focus on Strategies, M&A, Initial Public Offerings, and Investor Relations advisory services to Japanese and international corporations. Having majored in Asian studies and US-Japan relations at the Harvard Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, Nobuhisa Kishi earned a Master of Arts Degree with the Edwin O. Reischauer Scholarship from Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) majoring in international relations with emphasis on international economics and Asian studies. He has also completed a Program for Executive Development (PED) at IMD.

*Global Executive Advisor
Dr. Peter Lorange
Peter Lorange was President of IMD from July 1993 until April 2008. He is Professor of Strategy and holds the Kristian Gerhard Jebsen Chair of International Shipping. He was formerly President of the Norwegian School of Management in Oslo. Before this, Professor Lorange was affiliated with the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, for more than a decade, in various assignments, including director of the Joseph H. Lauder Institute of Management and International Studies, and The William H. Wurster Center for International Management Studies, as well as The William H. Wurster Professor of Multinational Management. He has also taught for eight years at the Sloan School of Management (MIT). Professor Lorange has written or edited 18 books and some 120 articles. His area of special interest is Global Strategic Management, Strategic Planning and Entrepreneurship for Growth. He has conducted extensive research on multinational management, strategic planning processes, and internally generated growth processes. He decided to join Kishi & Associates as Global Executive Advisor to serve some of the most important clients of Kishi & Associates in 2008. He is highly respected as the expert in international business management.

*Senior Advisor
Teruo Masaki
In April 2006, Teruo Masaki joined Kishi & Associate K.K. He takes charge of consultations in management strategies of first class corporations both Japanese and non Japanese, development of overseas operations globally, and advisory business of post M&A including the arena of corporate governance. He was a founding member of "First Wednesday" and actively contributed both as a key note speaker as well as a discussion member.After earning his Law degree at Waseda University in Japan, he joined SONY in 1971. He held senior level positions for SONY Corporation and SONY Corporation of America for over 16 years. In 1996, he was asked to concurrently serve as Senior Executive Vice President as well as head of Legal Council of SONY Corporation of America. After he has become a board member of SONY Group in 1998, he served the company as an Executive Director, Group General Council, Corporate Executive Deputy President, Vice Chairman of the Board of executive directors' meeting. He left SONY in March 2006 and has been with Kishi & Associate K.K. from April 2006. Being in charge of the group's corporate governance, compliance and CSR, he had been the driving force to orchestrate total SONY group's global compliance structure, to enhance corporate governance by introducing statutory committee, building up and managing the SONY model. Also, he had contributed to the company tremendously with regard to matters regarding M&A and crisis management worldwide. Furthermore, he had been responsible for SONY's telecommunication strategies for global development.He spoke at the annual conference of Business Social Responsibility as a key note speaker, and made contributions to the making of Principles of Corporate Governance 2004 at Organization for Economic Corporation and Development (OECD). Through numerous activities including attendance of these meetings as a representative of Japan, he contributed to the deeper understanding of Japan particularly among people in the States and Europe.

Mari Schmitz-Wenzel
As Director, Mari Schmitz-Wenzel brings into the team her marketing and brand management expertise. Prior to the current position, she has worked in different marketing positions in multinational corporations in different areas of the globe. This includes her working with Nestle in the headquarters in Switzerland as well as Nestle Japan and Nestle Malaysia. Further working experiences include working in a brand consultancy. After gaining Bachelor of Arts in Economics in Keio University in Japan, she studied at Oxford University where she gained Master of Science in Economic and Social History. She also holds MBA from IMD, Switzerland.

Frank Zeithammer
Frank Zeithammer is a specialist for holistic marketing and branding. He offers strategic marketing and branding consultancy services to the management of global companies. He has especially made great contributions to Japanese companies who try to enter European market by assisting their marketing and branding activities. He has also offered strategic marketing and branding services to European companies such as Daimler, Robert Bosch, and Porsche. After working for European advertising and communications agencies including Dentsu Deutschland GmbH, he became a director of Kishi


Here at Kishi & Associates, client companies are supported with a clear "implementation orientation" and "top management perspectives" by team members full of "passion" and "experience".Team members have track records of working actively in top companies in the industries' of their chosen fields. For example, the chairman and other advisors have extremely rich experiences of management both in Japan and overseas. Furthermore, both of them have been in the position to enjoy consulting services as clients in management positions in charge of global companies until quite recently. This means that they think, breathe and sleep with the question "what are services vitally important to management in client companies?hIn the same manner, the president used to work in the area of strategic advisory business such as M&A in investment banking, while the director was active in the area of brand management/marketing/consultancy with the experience of working in the headquarters of Nestle in Switzerland as well as for Philip Morris Japan. Our vice president was security analyst in Nomura asset management conducting corporate valuations. Each team member does his or her best in solving clients' issues, a passion that we share here in Kishi & Associates.

What makes Kishi & Associates different from other consulting firms?

We support our clients all the way from identifyig their issues in business to helping the implementation of solutions (in other words, A to Z)Why did we join as one team? The answer is rather simple. We considered that the occupation under the name of "management consulting" was not necessarily true to name, and members thought it would be worthwhile to supply truly useful service to clients in the area of business management and strategy. Kishi & Associates applies "implementation orientation" with the view to global market and "top management perspectives" in finding areas for improvements and in solving problems of our clients. To become a member of Kishi & Associates means that the person shares dedication to our clients' top management. It means full appreciation and deep understanding of top management perspectives, of issues they face and of their commitment to their companies and employees. It also means to make efforts to increase one's insight for people (particularly top management) and to sincerely find solutions for clients' issues and problems in a down-to-earth manner, and to make every effort possible to help clients solve these problems. In summary, this is what we do at Kishi & Associates.As consultants, we find out potential issues of clients that need improvement by using "logic" and "facts". However, this alone will never be able to solve issues of clients. That is because a "perspective from the standpoint of implementation" is not in the picture. We put ourselves in our clients' positions in their companies and simulate the situation of all people involved and possible implementation friction/resistance within organization. Thus making sure that our clients can "implement" our "solutions" in the best way possible.Without this "perspective from the standpoint of implementation" not only clients' issues remain unsolved, but also even worse, clients' teams lose faith and face within and outside of their companies. The worst thing that would happen here is that clients lose trust of their own customers. Therefore with the eye to our clients' customers, we as a team always endeavor to the situation in which our clients actually "implement" strategies (and solutions).